Our Process

Build for Success

A cornerstone of Columbia Development success story is its 10 Step Build Process, a comprehensive method identifying each component of the process and its relationship to the whole. In this way, Columbia Development ensures that no detail–large or small–is lost or overlooked. It is Columbia’s disciplined approach which allows it to reduce risk and uncertainty, ensuring  a client’s economic objectives are achieved.

10 Step Build Process

  1. Our ProcessFeasibility Study – Identify and contact potential tenants.
  2. Analysis of Interest – Gauge responses to feasibility study and begin preparing marketing materials.
  3. Meeting with Prospective Tenants – Review plans, financial terms, and design and construction planning.
  4. Suite Design – Discuss designs and prepare documents for future review.
  5. Revisions to Suite Design – Finalize design details.
  6. Execution of Lease/Sale Agreements – Review lease and sale prices, base-year expenses, and confirm date of occupancy.
  7. Approvals – Submit site plans and obtain all necessary approvals.
  8. Construction Documents – Prepare documents, solicit feedback, and obtain building permits.
  9. Construction – Select team of experts to begin site construction.
  10. Management – Provide property management.